Solar Solar – A Family Business

Reduce Power Costs With Solar Solar

Are you looking to reduce your energy costs with solar power, because if you are you need to contact Solar Solar who are experts in their field. By installing solar power you will not only be benefiting the environment but your finances as well and with the power charges constantly rising, this is an attractive and logical option. There are many solar companies emerging now because of global warming and the need to lower industrial emissions that are contributing to the problem. So we need to check out their years of experience in the electrical field, and their commitment to good service before hiring their services.

Solar Solar is a company that has essential experience in both the electrical trade and also in the financial sector. Twenty five years in this trade running his own company and being a qualified electrician with plenty of time spent in installation, along with a firm commitment to the environment makes the head of this family business a sound choice. Working alongside him is his wife who  will be happy to visit you in your home and show you how you can get ahead by installing a quality solar system. With down to earth values and high hopes for a better future for the environment this family business is a winner.

We can help you take advantage of any government solar rebates still available in Brisbane and the Gold Coast area. We can help you evaluate what system is the most cost effective for you and covers your needs. With the government credit scheme to pay for your unused power being fed back into the grid, all you need to do is to make the choice of how many panels you want installed. The amount you receive will depend on the system you choose so contact the company to have a price list sent out, or have them make a visit to your home. Premium systems and economy packages are available.

Join the throng of happy customers who are helping to heal the environment and reaping the financial benefits by doing so. Solar Solar customers often state how happy they are. Brian from Woolloongabba said: “I was so impressed with the short time span between ordering and installation, and the excellent service we received from the staff.” Melanie from Moorooka was “impressed with the honesty and helpfulness of the company” and many have commented on how surprised they were by the amount of money they were saving on bills, or making on the grid credit scheme. With solar panels being available not only for homes, but commercial buildings and schools as well as rural applications there is no reason the environment cannot be greatly improved. With it’s commitment to the better health of our planet and the people on it, especially children, Solar Solar is definitely the company you need.

Our service areas cover all of Brisbane and Gold Coast as well as specifically Albany CreekAspleyBridgeman DownsCashmere, Eatons HillGeebungMango HillSandgateWarner, and Zilmere