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About Solar Solar – Family Owned Company

Solar Solar is a family owned and operated Electrical Contracting business with a focus on helping and educating families to reduce their own power costs while also ensuring a future for our planet.

We’re a solar power family! Angelo has been operating his own Electrical Contracting companies for over 25 years, is a qualified Electrical Contractor and  Installer.

Mauritia handles all of the marketing and administrative aspects of the business – and visits you to discuss your Solar Power requirements.

We have been harnessing our energy from the sun in order to do our environment a favour. More and more homes are switching to solar power and enjoying the benefits of their good deed. There is no doubt that solar power is a wonderful thing, supplying electricity to our lights and appliances. After your solar system is paid for, you will be gaining your free energy from the sun. But what a lot of people don’t know is how solar power works. If you are interested in finding out how we gain energy from the sun, then read on. 
The most common way solar power is created is by using photovoltaic technology. This transforms sunlight directly into electricity via the use of PV cells. These solar cells are used to make modules that create a solar panel. When this solar panel has sunlight shone on it, the photons within the sunlight loosen electrons in the solar cells. From here an electrical current is created from the loose electrons and can be utilised for electricity. Another form of creating solar power is by gaining heat from the sun through solar thermal collectors. The solar thermal collectors have 3 group temperature classifications; low, medium and high. Hot water that is used for commercial or residential use would use a medium temperature collector, these are flat plates. Electric power creation that collects sunlight with the use of lenses or mirrors is done by high temperature collectors. 
As Photovoltaic technology is the most common used, we will discuss more in depth how this process works. Once the electrical current is created from loose electrons it just begin its work to create the electricity we use. The solar energy is converted into direct current electricity by the solar panels and then travels into an inverter. This inverter then transforms the direct current electricity in 120 volt AC, this is the electricity required to work appliances. This AC power goes through the utility panel in your home and this is then circulated to lighting and appliances in your home. Excess solar energy is stored in the battery as DC electricity enabling you to have electricity during blackouts or at night. 
Solar power is a fantastic process in using a natural resource to gain electricity for our homes. In understanding the process it is easier to appreciate this renewable energy and hopefully encourage more people to switch to solar power for a cleaner future. 
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Whether you are an independent installer, a company needing to power a remote location or looking to install <em>solar power </em>for your home or business, you can place trust in our complete commitment to our customers’ satisfaction.

We will assist you with taking advantage of available rebates, or solar credits schemes. We also offer a large inventory, best pricing, technical support and superior customer service.

We use and recommend REC Solar Panels
Solar Power Installers BrisbaneREC solar panels were ranked first amongst leading brands in the first half of 2011 in the Photon Module Field Performance Test, producing 6% more electricity than competing brands!

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